Sharp NEC Display Solutions: Star Student

About the Program

The Sharp/NEC Star Student Program helps institutions acquire visual displays needed to share information, engage and move students to new levels of discovery, without straining your budget. Not only does Sharp/NEC enable your school with the most advanced display technologies, but we do it with benefits worthy of a gold star!

Sharp/NEC Star Student is valid for public or private, accredited, not-for-profit educational institutions involved in K-12 schools, colleges, universities, home schools, or administrative school districts in countries in the United States, Central, South America and the Caribbean.


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Automatic extended warranties on most NEC large format displays and projectors models are included with an Sharp/NEC Star Student membership. As long as your school is enrolled prior to the Sharp/NEC purchase, the warranty will be automatically updated with the extension.*

Projector Warranty
Two (2) FREE additional years of parts and labor warranty (5 years total) on all NEC projector models** which includes InstaCare for the full 5 years!
Large Format Displays Warranty
One (1) FREE additional year of parts and labor warranty (4 years total) on all NEC Large Format models**!
Collaboration Boards Warranty
One (1) FREE additional year of parts and labor warranty (4 years total) on all NEC CB (Collaboration Board) Series Displays!

Projector Lamp Warranty - 1 years/1000 hours (whichever comes first)
Applies to the following products:
V311X, V311W, V332X, V332W, V302H, VE303, VE303X, M311W, M282X, M322X, M322W, M402X, M283X, M323X, M323W, M363X, M363W, M403X, M332XS, M352WS, M333XS, M353WS, MC372X, MC382W, MC423W, MC453X, ME301X, ME331X, ME361X, ME401X, ME301W, ME331W, ME361W, ME401W, ME423W, ME453X, ME403U, UM361X, UM351W, UM352W, UM361X-WK, UM351W-WK, UM352W-WK, UM361Xi-WK, UM351Wi-WK, UM361Xi-TM, UM351Wi-TM, UM352W-TM, U321H, U321H-WK, U321Hi-WK, U321Hi-TM

Note: Replacement lamps will be covered under standard replacement warranty (90 days/500 hours, whichever comes first)

Note: Lamp warranty not to exceed 1 year/1000 hours (whichever comes first)

Learn more about Sharp/NEC's InstaCare warranty enhancement here

*Check your Star Student extended warranty status anytime by logging into your Star Student account and clicking on "Warranty Verification". Note: checking your warranty status on Sharp/NEC's public site ( will only show the standard warranty without the upgrade.

**Laser projector models are excluded as these models already carry a standard 5 year warranty with 5 full years of InstaCare. InstaCare not automatically available on PX and PH series projectors - additional purchase required. All Large Format displays are included with the exception of 3rd party bundled units. For a full list of NEC projectors, please see:

And for a full list of NEC Large format displays, please see